Introducing our EV Salary Sacrifice Referral Scheme

Do you know a business that would love to offer an EV scheme to its employees? Or maybe you are on the hunt for an EV yourself and want to encourage your employer to sign up so you can get big savings for yourself.

Introduce us to a decision-maker at the business, and we’ll give you £500 if they sign up.

While you can refer anyone who might be interested (though unfortunately not yourself), we typically find the best people for you to refer are company decision-makers, including CEOs or other C-Suite members, HR leaders, Sustainability Leads, or Benefits Managers.

  • Step 1

    Fill out our short referral form.

  • Step 2

    We’ll contact the business leader and introduce them to Pike + Bambridge. You might also want to let them know you are referring them, so they are expecting our message.

  • Step 3

    When their business launches their P+B Salary Sacrifice Scheme, we’ll send you £500!

The Small Print

  • – Businesses already approached by Pike + Bambridge or already referred by another person will not be eligible for a fee. The first person to refer a particular business will receive the full referral fee.
  • – Business leaders (C-Suite or Department Heads) may not refer the business they currently work for, however they can still get the benefits of Salary Sacrifice by signing their business up with Pike + Bambridge.
  • – You may refer as many business leaders as you like, you’ll receive £500 for each one who launches a scheme.
  • – We will pay your referral fee within 60 days of your referral launching a P+B scheme.
  • – The scheme may be withdrawn at any time.
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