What you need to know: New Car Delivery Timescales

Published 28 July 2022
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What you need to know: New Car Delivery Timescales

With many manufacturers pausing or slowing production during the coronavirus pandemic, along with the issues surrounding the shortage of semiconductors and other components due to the war in Ukraine, and the shipping delays compounded by Brexit, we are finding that building back towards capacity and getting the supply chain moving again is taking some time. 
Consequently, the delivery time for delivery of many new cars is becoming longer than expected. We are keeping a close eye on the situation and will continue to keep our clients proactively informed on progress. We have assembled a list With the support of our core brand partners, we have compiled a guide for those who may be looking to renew their car soon. As always, the best approach is to get in touch with the experts here at Pike + Bambridge for the latest impartial advice and support. 
Information is accurate as of Wednesday 27th July 2022. 


  • The Audi combustion engine ‘Q’ range is still arriving on a reliable timeframe and has been consistently now for a few months.
  • There is some stock of Q7 and Q8 available within a month, whilst some Q5 models are a 3-month wait.
  • The only exception to this is the Q3 Sportback model which continues to be delayed due to production issues.  
  • The same can be said for the A3/4/5/6/7 combustion engine models, whilst there is a little wait, the timeframes are reliable which is a huge positive given the uncertainty we have seen over the last 24 months. 
  • The major delay is the ‘Q4’ models which are anticipated to arrive well into next year.
  • E-Tron and E-Tron GT are available within 12-16 weeks of order. 


  • Combustion engine models within BMW continue to have very long delivery times, which won’t see many of these models arriving in 2022 but should be available at the start of 2023. 1 and 2 Series have experienced major delays; however, we are seeing these delivery times look more positive, but many of our clients have been waiting for these cars for 10 months longer than expected. 
  • 1 series – 8 series continue to be impacted by delays so delivery times are being quoted as 9 months, but customers are often being brought forward due to cancellations, so this does vary.
  • BMW iX 40 M Sport and iX3 M Sport pro are readily available with stock coming through.
  • The iX50 M Sport has been extremely popular because of the extended range so we do see some cancellations, but a factory order is expected to be around 9-12 months for delivery.  
  • BMW i4 is currently a 12-month delivery time. 


  • Realistically here the delivery time will be January-March 2023. We’ve seen the MINI model go through some specification changes and pricing reviews. The only real opportunity to secure a MINI sooner is if you manage to source a cancelled order.


  • Tesla has long been the most reliable brand for delivery timescales but their move from China to Germany has seen delays strike the usually punctual manufacturer. We are seeing delivery timescales for the Model 3 and Model Y range from November 2022 to March 2023 but we are finding that once an order has been placed clients may be brought forward or pushed back. The vast majority of customers have been delayed by 2-3 months but for the lucky minority, their delivery has been brought forward by 1-2 months.  
  • In summary, Tesla is now experiencing many of the issues other brands have faced, and there is uncertainty around arrival time, but speaking to an account manager on your individual situation will allow us to best guide you.  


  • Jaguar XE, XF, and XF Sportsbrake are now available to order with a delivery time of under 6 months. 
  • The E-PACE is available in 6-9 months for D200 and p300e hybrid. No other engines are available. 
  • The F-PACE is available in 6-9 months with engines D200, D300, P250, P400, p550, and P400e. 
  • The I-PACE is now under a 6-months delivery time for all models. 
  • The F-Type coupe and F-Type convertible are deliverable in under 3 months.  


  • Being one of the manufacturers which supply the largest volume of vehicles to the UK, delays to Volkswagen deliveries has been a real issue for many clients. We’ve seen many clients switch to Volkswagen where some of the more premium brands have increased pricing, and Volkswagen has been able to offer that value. 
  • Positively, factories in Germany have now moved back to a three-split shift pattern, although not yet at 100 % production this is a good increase from one shift per day. This now has shown movement in the supply chain, we are now starting to see more cars come through. 
  • Tiguan has made (a slow) but positive movement, and we’re seeing vehicles make their way through the factory, and orders be given build weeks. The Golf is seeing some delay still at present, but orders are (slowly…) moving which has been positive. 
  • The new Taigo, T-Roc, and Polo models have been very reliable and arrived within 2 months of order (nearly without fail). Volkswagen is experiencing some delays in shipping at the moment with 1,700 cars affected by the factory summer shut down. We are expecting these to move again in mid-August and don’t anticipate this being a long-term delay.  
  • Volkswagen has put some strong support on some Taigo, T-Roc, and Polo models so we are seeing order banks fill up. Advice if you want one of these models is to order soon before we see the wait time, and consequently pricing increase. 
  • The all-electric ID.3 is now seeing around a 12-month delivery time. P+B has pre-secured some orders which are due to arrive this year. Some ID.4's are seeing a 6-12 month wait from order now. 

Land Rover

  • Land Rover traditionally would build as per the client demand due to the specification of vehicles can change drastically but they have moved to an unsystematic approach with factories dictating what gets built and when causing mass uncertainty on accurate build dates. 
  • Defender models (90, 110, and 130) are all 9-12 month delivery times regardless of the engine selected. Defender models can only be financed using Personal Contract Purchase, Lease Purchase, or Cash Purchase. 
  • Discovery models are all 6-9 month delivery time with only the D300 and P360 engines available. Discovery Sport is only available with a hybrid p300e and currently has a 9-12 month delivery timescale. 
  • Range Rover Evoque D200, P250, and P300e are available in 6-9 months. P200 and D165 engines are unavailable to order. 
  • Range Rover Velar is deliverable within 6-9 months in a variety of petrol, diesel, and hybrid engines. 
  • Range Rover Sport is still available to order but only using PCP, LP, or cash purchase. Delivery timescales for all engines are 6-9 months with the hybrid p440e engine being the most popular. 
  • Range Rover models are being given a delivery time of up to 3 years but we would suggest that is more likely to be 2 years. Range Rover can only be purchased using Personal Contract Purchase, Lease Purchase, or Cash Purchase. Pike+Bambridge is consistently working with Range Rover on this as it is fluctuating frequently what we’re being told.  


  • There are some Mercedes-Benz vehicles around, which is positive. However, Mercedes make stock available on a central system once built so these are vehicles that are built to the specification they are and it’s very much a take it or leave it.
  • We can factory order combustion engine vehicles now; however, they are very much not committing to a delivery time on these, and the order will be filled when it’s filled.
  • Advice on the Mercedes-Benz product is to enquire about what you want, let us find it, and then secure the car quickly before it goes. But the good news, it is likely to deliver quickly if you need it fast. 
  • Some trim lines of EQC, EQB, and EQS are the key focus for Mercedes, and some delivery times for these models this year.
  • Again, P+B has some pre-secured, price-protected EQA and EQC stock, which is due to arrive within weeks, so get in touch if you have a need for these. 


  • Volvo has re-opened the order banks for hybrid models and delivery timescales are currently 10 months for any factory orders for the XC range. 
    The V and S model range has delivery times of 9-12 months. 


  • The delivery time for most models is currently 12-24 months. Models like the Macan are closer to the 12-month timescale. 911's and Targa’s would be closer to the 24-month delivery time. 
    There is the option to look at Taycan’s, and Cayenne Platinum Edition for quicker delivery because the delivery time for these models is 9-12 months. 


  • There are limited amounts of stock becoming available. The most reliable models with a delivery time of less than 3 months are the SEAT Arona, Skoda Karoq and Cupra Formentor V1. 
    Most other models (combustion engine, hybrid and electric) are factory orders around a 6-9 month delivery time. 


  • Whilst Nissan, Hyundai, and Kia were very reliable, we have recently seen delays and delivery times being pushed out. There are low to now levels of available stock, but most factory orders are being delivered within 6-months, depending on which model and specification you're looking at.

Commercial vehicles

Within the brands that offer both pickups and vans, we are continuing to see pushback from various manufacturers who are struggling with the volume of supply they are used to. For specific and tailored orders, the average wait time is anywhere from 6-12 months, however, if you can be flexible, or would like a “standard white small or large LCV we will see these this side of 2023. Smaller commercial vehicles are typically coming through much quicker in the Peugeot/Vauxhall range with some Electric models coming as quick as January time. With regards to Pick Ups, there is nearly none readily available (only Toyota has a few), all with 2023 arrival times.

The situation is of course fluid, and we are seeing production and delivery dates move both back and forth, so we’ll be sure to keep this list updated with the latest information from our network of trusted core brand partners. 

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