What you need to know: New Car Delivery Timescales

Published 16 May 2022
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What you need to know: New Car Delivery Timescales

With many manufacturers pausing or slowing production during the coronavirus pandemic, along with the issues surrounding the shortage of semiconductors and the shipping delays compounded by Brexit, we are finding that building back towards capacity and getting the supply chain moving again is taking some time.

Consequently, the lead time for delivery of many new cars is becoming longer than expected. We are keeping a close eye on the situation and will continue to keep our clients proactively informed on progress. We have assembled a list with the support of our core brand partners, as a guide for those who may be looking to renew their car in the near future. As always, the best approach is to get in touch with the experts here at Pike + Bambridge for the latest impartial advice and support! 

Information accurate as at Monday 16th May 2022.


  • Q5 models are coming through in 2-6 months, with the Q5 Sportsback available from March and Q5 TFSI's available from May/June.
  • We're now anticipating petrol versions of the Q7 through as early as April.
  • The Q3 and Q4 e-Tron have been hit by further delays so they are now quoting Feb/Mar 2023 lead times for these models.

  • The Audi A3 30 TFSI engine is available but the 35 TSFI is struggling for production. 


  • BMW iX and iX3 are currently anticipated for delivery in June. The iX50 M Sport is the only exception with delivery expected to be Jan-Mar 2023. 
  • 1 series – 8 series continue to be impacted by delays so lead times are being quoted as 9 months but customers are often being brought forward due to cancellations so this does vary. 
  • BMW i4 is currently a 12-month lead time.


  • The opportunity may arise for us to secure a car when a car arrives, but the order has been cancelled.  However, more realistically the lead time is 6-9 months.
  • Right now there is no stock available with Mini and it very much mirrors BMW in terms of availability from factory orders. 


  • Delivery times have increased in the last week (15th Feb) .
  • Model 3 RWD and the Long Range are now all August 2022 delivery, apart from the Performance model which is now may 2022.
  • Model Y Long Range is now due to fMay 2022, with the Model Y Performance due to arrive around July/August.
  • Models S and X are not going to delivery until early 2023, meaning finance cannot be secured at this time.


  • Jaguar XE, XF and XF Sportsbrake are now available to order with a lead time of 6 months. 
  • The E-PACE is available in 6-9 months for D200 model and 9-12 months for petrol hybrid. No other engines are available. 
  • The F-PACE is unavailable to order as it is undergoing a model year update. 
  • The I-PACE is now under 6-months delivery for all models.
  • The F-Type coupe and F-Type convertible are deliverable in under 6-months.  The P300 F-Type Coupe is around 6-9 months. 


  • We are now able to order the exciting new ID.5!
  • We have some pre-secured pipeline vehicles which are available (particularly Golf and Tiguan) but we can advise on a case-by-case basis.
  • The all-electric ID.3 is now seeing around a 12-month lead time.  P+B have secured some orders which are due to arrive this year. 
  • Some ID.4's are seeing a 6-12 month wait, with many other models around a 6-9 month wait.
  • The Tiguan is experiencing some volatility with estimated lead times changing weekly.  We're expecting the new model T-Roc to be launched for pricing on the 3rd Mach 2022.  

Land Rover

  • Defender and Discovery are unavailable to order as they undergo a 23.5MY upgrade. 
  • The Discovery Sport is unavailable to order unless it is a p300e engine, which is a 9-12 month lead time  
  • Range Rover Evoque D200, P250 and P300e available in 6-9 months. P200 and D165 engines unavailable to order. 
  • Range Rover Velar D200, D300 and P250 engines available in under 6 months. P400 and P400e engines are 6-9 months. 
  • Range Rover Sport is now available to order, and initial lead times are suggested to be 6 months but we expect that to increase due to demand. 
  • Range Rover models are being given a lead time of up to 3 years but we would suggest that is more likely to be 2 years. 


  • Mercedes have stopped all orders for hybrid and petrol/diesel engines and there has been no communication for when the order banks will open again for these derivatives. 
  • EQC, EQB and EQC are the main focus for Mercedes and the lead times for these models is Oct-Dec 2022. They have seen the lead times come down slightly from that timescale but want to play it safe. 


  • All PHEV order banks are now full for MY23 and all fully electric models are also full for MY23. Volvo have said they won’t accept any orders for PHEV or electric vehicles until the order bank opens for 2023. 
  • Mild hybrids are still available and lead times for the XC range (40, 60 and 90) are currently 6 months for a factory order. 
  • The V and S model range has lead times of 9-12 months 


  • The lead time for most models is currently 12-24 months. Models like the Macan being closer to the 12-month timescale. 911’s and Targa’s would be closer to the 24-month lead time. 
  • There is the option to look at Taycan’s, and Cayenne Platinum Edition for quicker delivery because the lead time for these models is 6-9 months. 


  • There are very limited vehicles available for these brands with factory orders around a 6-9 month lead time.  This is for all combustion engines and electric vehicles.


  • Other than Tesla, one of the main brands we're seeing the fewest issues with is Nissan/Hyundai, with orders arriving on time. 
  • There are low levels of available stock, but factory orders are being delivered within 6-months, depending on which model and specification you're looking at.


  • Until 2022, stock had generally been ok for the Korean brand.  This is now diminishing and options are becoming more scarce, with factory order lead times now extending upwards of 6-months.
  • the popular Kia e-Niro '2' and '2 Long Range' have now been removed from ordering for a short time, while the higher specification '3' and '4+' are still available to order.

Commercial vehicles

Within the brands that offer both pickups and vans, manufacturers have been hit hard by the microchip shortage.  Historically, brands would build bulk stock vans but are now having to adjust alike cars, and build set orders.  Prioritisation has become questionable from almost all brands, are they are not going on a 'first served' basis, rather, waiting until they have enough of the same spec to build.  Pickups and vans are in general a 9-12 month wait, with some arriving sooner and some much later.  Consult your Account manager today to discuss your fleet options.

The situation is of course fluid, and we are seeing production and delivery dates move both back and forth, so we’ll be sure to keep this list updated with the latest information from our network of trusted core brand partners. 

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