01 January 2023


An acquired taste some would say, but you can’t fault Tesla on what they have done with their Model Y. Forward thinking as always, Tesla has got in ahead of many manufacturers and entered the Electric Vehicle (EV) SUV space, by taking everything they did with the Model 3, and giving it height and space.

Tesla Model Y

With the functionality of an SUV, but with the drive of a sports car, the all-wheel drive has two ultra-responsive, independent electric motors which digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels.

With around 331 miles of electric range available with the Long Range model, you can recharge up to 200 miles in 15 minutes via a Tesla Supercharger. There are currently 967 of these chargers at 90 locations around the UK, with many on city outskirts or close to motorways, making charging your vehicle really easy.

A simple and stylish interior, you will enjoy a clear view of the road ahead, while also benefitting from an all-glass roof to give you a seamless view of your surroundings.  You can choose from either the Long Range or Performance models, with some comparisons below so that you can easily see the differences:

Acceleration 0-60 mph:

  • Model Y Rear Wheel Drive 6.6 sec
  • Model Y Long Range 4.8 sec
  • Model Y Performance 3.5 sec

All-electric range:

  • Model Y Rear Wheel Drive 282
  • Model Y Long Range 331 miles
  • Model Y Performance 319 miles

Top Speed:

  • Model Y Rear Wheel Drive 135 mph
  • Model Y Long Range 135 mph
  • Model Y Performance 155 mph


What size is the car? It’s a Family SUV with more space than you’d think! ( 4,751mm in length and 1,978mm across)

How much money is it worth? Starting from £51,000-68,000

What range will it give you? Our Pick the Long Range, 331 in summer months, 280 winter months

How long will it take it charge? Super charger – 25 minutes. Home Charge – 7-8 hours.

The best model within the range? Long Range. The most affordable model with the longest range in the market.


  • 360° Rear, side and forward-facing cameras provide maximum visibility + 250m
  • Powerful visual processing at up to 250 meters of range
  • The Network – The charging stations + over-the-air updates a always makes your car feel brand new, constant improvements and constant new features.
  • Quickest acceleration—from zero to 60 mph* in as little as 3.5 seconds


  • Minimal Visability– the sloping roof combined with reduced window space in the rear makes it challenging to see in your blank spots. Although the rear camera system does help.
  • Minimalistic interior finishes – no frills – some people want more inside the car. Or are used to more in our everyday combustion engine models with lots of handles and displays. Tesla literally have one internal dash with an IPAD for all infotainment + speedometer needs.

Comparable models to consider: Audi Q4 E-tron, Genesis GV60 + Kia’s EV6.  

Ultimately, we’re really impressed at P+B by the Tesla Model Y. They’ve kept it simple, kept what worked from the 3 and impressed the world with all how easy going electric car be with Tesla. If you are interested in this vehicle, please reach out to our team here.

*We have purposefully left out of our review the delivery time scales, as it is fluctuating dramatically each week at present. Our P+B Supply Chain is constantly working on our client’s behalf’s to avoid extremely long time scales and delays. Please contact your Account Manager team to learn more about the Tesla Model Y.