How can Zap-Map support you as an EV driver?

Published17 December 2021
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How can Zap-Map support you as an EV driver?

If you’re new to driving an Electric Vehicle, the supporting technology can sometimes feel overwhelming.  As the UK builds on its charging infrastructure, there are many different suppliers who install chargers, and as such there are literally dozens of apps in the App Store and your phone can quite quickly become littered with them!

That’s where Zap-Map comes in handy.  A one-stop-shop App (Apple | Android) which offers the user (you!) access to the majority of charging points across the UK.  

Finding a charging point:

The App offers a filter for you to finesse your search by the type of connector your car has and the speed of charge you are looking for.  Useful coloured map pins also make it easy to find faster chargers on their interactive map.

If you click on a pin it will then give you the option of accessing directions and connect to Google maps, or you can plug the postcode into your cars Sat Nav.

On the go:

A route planner lets you map out the most direct way to get to your destination, and if you add the model of car you're using it will automatically update the route based on the range of battery your car has.  If you’re heading out on a long weekend, or a holiday to somewhere you’re unfamiliar with, then this element is great in ensuring you know how far it is to a convenient stop and limits any range anxiety you may have. 

Specifics about the charger you’re using:

In advance of getting to the charger, Zap-Map gives you the key insights into what to expect. Easy to use, the App's key highlights include:

  • Info on the ‘device’ will tell you if there is a £ charge for using the unit, what the minimum charge may be and if there’s a surcharge for an extended session (generally over 45 mins for a fast-charger or 4 hours for something slower).
  • An ‘info’ tab will advise if there are other amenities close by – e.g. cafes, toilets or a shop.  Vital when on a longer trip and you need to stock up on snacks!
  • A ‘chat’ tab where previous users of the charging unit have left messages for future users.  This could include any connection problems; if the unit has delivered a slower charge than expected, and vitally, if there were any failed charges

Our team regularly use Zap-Map as find it’s often the most up-to-date app, with info on specific charging points so we recommend downloading the App as soon as you take delivery of your EV!