Our Services

We may lease cars (really nice ones), but what interests us far more, are the people that drive away in them.

Everyone is different and so are their needs, preferences and tastes, so as well as offering several key options for personal or business leasing, we also provide the perfect interface to manage their vehicles - our Dashboard.

Dashboard, you say?

Personal Leasing

Acquiring your next personal car will be plane sailing. Minus the sailing. And, for that matter, the plane.

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Private Client Concierge

Reserved for those who value truly tailored car acquisition and for those who expect the very best.

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Salary Sacrifice

The most efficient, hassle-free and cost effective way to  go electric.

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Services for Business

Regardless of if you require one car or many for your business, the most difficult decision you will need to make is, “what route shall I take to work?”.

Or perhaps something longer term, a partnership perhaps, with Pike+Bambridge is more fitting.

Business Leasing

Making your work commute so effortless, you’ll want to go there and back again.

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Fleet Management

The most efficient means of managing your business fleet, allowing you to position your focus elsewhere.

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Business Partnerships

Partial to a long-term relationship with your car supplier? Or maybe a high-five is all you’re after.

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