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You do the driving, we’ll do the listening.

Who we are

As with all good business ideas, Pike+Bambridge began with a simple goal: How could we improve the experience of acquiring a new vehicle?

Then, like now, we began our learning with the most important resource to any business; people. The more people we spoke to, the more difficult this industry of ours seemed; whether it was the complexity of financial agreements, overwhelming and confusing sales pitches or, simply, being ignored whilst in vehicle showrooms.

“At Pike+Bambridge we are passionate about our purpose; to change the way people and small businesses buy and lease cars.

Personally, I’d love to hear from you if you have any feedback on how we can continue to improve, and we hope you enjoy a better class of journey with Pike+Bambridge.”

All these factors have, unfortunately, become convention, damaging the perception of the car sales industry and, more importantly, doing car buyers a disservice.

This fuelled our desire to become the most qualified team we could be, becoming experts in finance, HMRC tax guidelines, and analysing small businesses in order to deliver the best service possible.

Most importantly, we continued to listen.

Now we have a team of listeners, as well as experts, committed to helping you or your business make the most informed decisions, no mean feat considering we supply vehicles from over fifty six car manufacturers.

We may supply vehicles, but our methods are more inline with a professional services firm; expert, ethical, advisory. After all, car buying is often one of the biggest expenditures an individual or a business will make.

Now, as we did at the very beginning, we look ahead to the future, and to evolving the way that people buy cars.