Piers Bambridge

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Piers Bambridge Chief Executive Officer - CEO

Having worked with a large US-based multinational for 9 years following university, Piers has since settled down in East Lothian with his wife Lana in 2012.

In his spare time Piers loves all things sport, in particular following Norwich City, as well as the England cricket team - often around the world.

Having visited numerous dealerships in the hunt for a car on his return to the UK from the US, he was struck by how old-fashioned the style of selling cars was, particularly in comparison with how the likes of Apple sells computers.

On the drive back from this underwhelming experience, Piers, along his co-founder Nathan Pike, stopped the car on the side of a road in Haddington and both decided at that moment that they could ‘do this better’.

Having little to no contacts in the automotive trade, the first year was primarily spent building the supply side of the business, once touring the UK in their first company car, a newly Pike+Bambridge branded Fiat 500.

What really struck a chord with both the founding directors was how many times people responded to our explanation of what we were doing with, ‘I really don’t enjoy getting my new cars’. It was very evident that there was a wide disconnect between the dealerships and their customers.

Constantly coming up against industry skepticism around ‘that is just how it is’ only fuels Piers’ determination to change the way people buy and lease cars.