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We’re building a team of the best people we can find to lead us on to the next stage of our business.  High performing teams, by their very nature, need to recruit well. More than that, we pride ourselves on not just recruiting the very best people we can find for a position, but encouraging them to constantly engage in the cycle of growth.


Top teams need to train intensively, and constantly. We give our team space to learn, and actively encourage and support professional and personal development whilst working in the team.  We believe the most exciting teams to be a part of are those in pursuit of ambitious common goals, and we invest heavily to attract team members who can help us deliver those goals.

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Mobility is set to change more fundamentally than it has in a century.

The very foundation of how we move about is being shaken to its core, with electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and ride hailing set to completely revolutionise the delivery of mobility in the 2020s.

Meanwhile, the service delivery of how we browse, buy and finance our cars is changing at similar break-neck speed. Tesla’s success has sounded the death knell for the large, out-of-town retail spaces with intimidating, opaque environments that car dealerships have become synonymous with.

When Pike + Bambridge launched in 2013, we did so believing in a better way. Founded on the principle of a more transparent, service-led offering designed to save time and hassle when buying a car, we’ve come a long way since the early days.

But we are only just getting started. Over the next 3 years, we’re set to develop and deliver an entirely new online journey for clients, centred around the personal, expert client experience we have become known for. We will retain this, while developing an unrivaled digital experience for clients, harnessing our expertise for the professional markets we serve.

Our belief is clients shouldn’t have to choose between a single-brand, outdated dealership experience, or an impersonal, low-skilled call centre experience for one of the most important, and expensive, choices they will make for their family.

What is more, the shift to electric vehicles means our advice-led, transparent approach to vehicle provision is more needed than ever in the coming years, as we support and encourage clients to embrace the new world of battery electric vehicles, ahead of the ban of combustion engines in 2030.

The climate emergency makes the move to a more environmentally sound manner of mobility not just a nice idea, but a social imperative. Our vision is to build a business of which we can all be proud. To do that, we are building an amazing and unique culture.



At Pike + Bambridge we are changing the way that people buy cars. Our team recognise that customers are frustrated with the industry's car buying process so at P+B we make the process Simpler, Faster and more Enjoyable for our clients.

We are entering a significant period of planned growth and as such have some exciting new vacancies across our team.

Live Vacancies:

  • Finance Controller

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Our Recruitment Process

  • Stage 1: 20-30 minute initial screening call, two way culture fit and more info on the role
  • Stage 2: 90 minute in person interview - conversational style taking a deep dive into previous experience, the role and culture at P+B
  • Stage 3: 60 minute final interview over lunch including agreeing metrics, role plan and any final questions


Our Training Programme

At Pike + Bambridge, we pride ourselves on selecting the very best team members we can find for each role we recruit. We offer a structured 12 week onboarding process to upskill every new hire in the P+B way. 

All team members go through significant training in year one, and are encouraged to take part in ongoing personal and professional development internally and through external providers. 

This focus on training distinguishes us from many of our peers within the industry.