The 10 Best Salary Sacrifice Cars (in stock right now!)

Published3 February 2023
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At Pike + Bambridge our original goal remains the same - to change the way people buy cars. Now, with our Salary Sacrifice scheme, you can make the move to greener, cleaner mobility and reduce your Co2 emissions, all whilst saving money in the process.  Whats not to love?

With your P+B salary sacrifice you receive:  

  • Guaranteed fixed costs for 3 years on all the main costs for your car....with one monthly payment covering the car lease, car insurance, maintenance and tyres (we can even include your own personal chargepoint installation). 

  • BIG tax savings meaning you’ll keep more in your wallet each month, meaning motoring costs should go down at a time when every other cost seems to be going up.

  • Early termination cover included.  Peace of mind if the unexpected happens, meaning you’re covered against any significant termination costs.  

Our team are constantly working in the market, analysing the best opportunities to access great EVs, with discounts to match, so you don't have to.  We have pre-ordered some of the most popular EV models, meaning you can have your new car arrive in the next 3-12 weeks, and benefit from price protection.   
We like to think our offer is more than an online site, with no personal advice or interaction, so our team of account managers are always on hand to offer a personal, expert helping hand on the often-confusing switch to EVs.

As a starting point, take a look at 10 of our most popular EVs you can get your hands on in time for summer...

1. Tesla Model Y HATCHBACK Long Range AWD 5dr Auto

Love them or loathe them, Tesla are market leaders in EVs for a reason.  With recent price drops making it easier to access the world's best selling EV, it is difficult to argue against the class-leading range, the charging speed, and the software they offer...

2. RENAULT ZOE HATCHBACK SPECIAL EDITION 100kW GT R135 50kWh Rapid Charge 5dr Auto 

The most impressive small electric car for it’s price. Offering 250 miles per charge, the Zoe has clearly got a strong foothold in the market, being Europe's best selling electric car thus far, having been around for many years now. Although its size isn’t the largest, you really can’t fault it.


3. Audi Q4 E-TRON ESTATE 150kW 40 82.77kWh S Line 5dr Auto

Towards the more premium end of the electric market just now, the Audi Q4 continues to turn heads. Slightly smaller than the popular Q5, offering many technology and design advancements since the original E-Tron, this SUV holds its range better than many comparable EVs. The 40-model we have highlighted here offers a realistic 316+ miles per charge, making this car both practical and good value for money.


4. Volkswagen Id.3 HATCHBACK 150kW Life Pro Performance 58kWh 5dr Auto [120kW Ch] 

Well established now across the the UK, the ID.3 has well and truly found its feet. Given Volkswagen designed the ID.3 as its future replacement to the Golf, we think they are on to a winner. Pleasingly we have a range of models imminent for delivery now, so you could be taking advantage of the offers above very soon. The ID.3’s Highest Range is 263 miles, making it a perfect city car. One of our team members, Beth, has one herself and talks about her experience to date with it here. 

5. VOLVO C40 ESTATE 170kW Recharge Core 69kWh 5dr Auto

Volvo’s first solely electric vehicle in their next generation of models. This Electric Crossover is smaller than the traditional Volvo EV, the XC40, but offers you a more spacious interior look and feel than its rivals. As well as offering 315 miles per charge, the vehicle fast charges within 27 mins, and accelerates from 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds. The sleek-styled coupe model offers plenty of comfort and new sporty details including sportier side-skirts and bumpers.


6. MG4 Hatchback 150 KW Se EV Long Range 64kwh 5dr Auto 

We LOVE the MG4.  Smart on the outside, stylish on the inside, the MG4 is probably one of the early signals of a wave of Chinese EVs to hit our market, albeit with a traditional British badge.  It boasts a maximum of 281 miles of electric range available with its Long-Range model. The arrival of the MG4 is also well-timed as the UK consumers’ purses tighten over the winter, with the cheapest model starting at circa. £25,000 – by far the cheapest fully functional EV we have seen yet.


7. SKODA ENYAQ IV ESTATE 132kW 60 Suite 62kWh 5dr Auto [120kW]

The Skoda range holds up to their reputation of being safe and reliable with their Skoda Enyaq. It’s no-nonsense, spacious model offers good range and athletic performance. Compared to its rival, the Volkswagen ID.4, the Enyaq offers better flexibility with specification, and consistently gets rave reviews from our clients. On the “60” model you get up to 256 mile per charge range.  Its a perfect vehicle for a growing or adventurous family.



It’s been introduced as the “sporty city car” and “like an ID.3 but better”. Offering 260+ miles of range, Cupra have been able to take what is best about the id3, and tweak it with a more modern design that has more of an upmarket look and feel too it. The Born has been able to offer a greater range as well as sportier suspensions, underlining the Spanish brands goal of targeting a younger, sportier market.

9. Tesla Model 3 Saloon RWD 4dr Auto  

It was the first mass market EV in the world for a reason.  Great tech, great (and reliably predictable) range, and great charging speed.  There is less buzz about the Model 3 than there was before, but Tesla have sold nearly 2 million of them for a reason, and recent price cuts make it more attractive than ever. 


10. Peugeot E-2008 ELECTRIC ESTATE100kW GT 50kWh 5dr Auto 

The Electric 2008 looks smart, and its updated technology challenges all its comparable rivals. With around 218 miles of range, the 2008e is the perfect city family car. Offering practical space for any young family, its one of the most reliable options within its crossover category today.


Mind-boggled at all the options? 

The above is just to give you a flavour of what is possible, within the EV salary sacrifice world.

Our team of EV experts are on hand to offer personal, expert advice.  

Why not book in for one of our industry-leading one-to-one "EV Fact Finds" to get into the details and tailor an Electric Vehicle (EVs) to you?

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