Introducing the Tesla Model Y

Published 31 January 2022
in New Vehicles
Introducing the Tesla Model Y

A hotly anticipated addition to the Tesla brand, the Tesla Model Y is now available to order.  Delayed slightly due to the pandemic and the global semi-conductor shortage, the Tesla brand continues to be one of the leaders in quick deliveries at the moment, with stock available for delivery within 3-6 months of order.  As such, this could be a great option if you need a new car before the start of the summer.

With the functionality of an SUV, but with the drive of a sports car, the all-wheel drive has two ultra-responsive, independent electric motors which digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels. 

With around 331 miles of electric range available with the Long Range model, you can recharge up to 150 miles in 15 minutes via a Tesla Supercharger. There are currently 780 of these chargers at 87 locations around the UK, with many on city outskirts or close to motorways, making charging your vehicle really easy.

A simple and stylish interior, you will enjoy a clear view of the road ahead, while also benefitting from an all-glass roof to give you a seamless view of your surroundings.

You can choose from either the Long Range or Performance models, with some comparisons below so that you can easily see the differences:

Acceleration 0-60 mph

  • Model Y Long Range 4.8 sec
  • Model Y Performance 3.5 sec

All-electric range:

  • Model Y Long Range 331 miles
  • Model Y Performance 319 miles

Top Speed

  • Model Y Long Range 135 mph
  • Model Y Performance 155 mph

If you opt for the Performance model it also comes with 21’’ Überturbine Wheels, Performance Brakes, Lowered suspension and Aluminium alloy pedals.