Lessons from Lockdown – The True Value of Time

Published 20 August 2020
in Advice
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My 2 year old son has just learned some new words, and it is a little heart-breaking. “Daddy’s got to go to work”.  As he says this he looks crestfallen that unlike the sunny days of April and May, something approaching normality has returned and I’ll see him less and less.  With schools and nurseries going back through August and September, this is something a lot of our clients are sharing too. 
It has given me a new understanding of why so many of our Car Membership clients tend to be parents with young children.  Offer me a way to save time and money and not spend hours searching online, or waiting on hold to speak to call-centres and I am very keen! 
Dealing with a personal service, who you know is looking out for your best interests when dealing with big finance companies, and vehicle manufacturers, not to mention navigating the issues around dealership service in the world of furlough and mass redundancies amongst the vehicle supply chain. 


Our Service

Our Membership service is designed to draw the best lessons from both the second wave of the online revolution happening in the UK, whilst not losing the human side we have all come to appreciate more in the last few months. Here is how we do it: 

1. The Fact Find – Our clients save so much time by downloading all their needs, wants and concerns to us in a 20-30 minute call with their personal account manager.  The personal account manager remains the same person throughout the entire process, even to the point of calling you one month after delivery to check if you have any questions on the car. 

2. Enquire on our site, on whatsapp, on email, on the phone and the first thing we will do is call you within 1 hour to chat through your requirements and set up a Fact Find online video meeting. 

3. We do the hard work for you.  Our team of pricing experts analyse 18 different manufacturers and multiple finance companies to find the best balance of price and service for you. 

We take our commitment to saving you time very seriously, so before we even present any figures to you, our supply chain goes through a strict due diligence process.  We discount any dealers, manufacturers or finance companies who don’t meet our exacting standards.

The Online Leasing Company Experiment

Over the past 5-6 years, the number of online leasing brokers has grown exponentially, from circa 50-80 in 2014, to over 350 on the Financial Conduct Authority register today.  There are also a number of brokers operating who have not gone through the rigorous process of registering with the FCA. 

Our clients tell us the experience in this online space is very different.  If you are comfortably searching exhaustively for the cheapest online price, and happy to pay fees, then our service may not be for you. 
If you love hassle removal, and a personalised, expert guiding you through the whole process, then do get in touch! 

If you’d like more information, please do get in touch with an expert account manager today, on 0131 563 7493, or sales@pikeandbambridge.co.uk. for more specific guidance to suit your individual need.