Lex: Your Finance Options during Covid-19

Published 25 March 2020
in Announcements
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At Pike + Bambridge, we are fortunate that our working systems are entirely cloud-based, as are our telephones, so please feel free to contact us as normal if you do require any assistance.

With specific regards to your finance payments and if you have concerns about your contract, our Pike + Bambridge team are still here to help and support in any way possible.

All of our finance partners are now launching some form of support around possible payment holidays.

If your vehicle is funded by Lex, their existing process offers support to customers in a number of ways already.

However, they have also implemented special measures to support customers impacted by Covid-19 which have been put in place with immediate effect and until further notice. If you require support, please speak to the Lex customer services team on 0344 879 6633 (option 5) and they can discuss the options available.

They are currently inundated with payment holiday requests due to Covid-19.  They are prioritizing the requests that are relevant to the Vulnerable customers. As you can imagine, these will continue to be the most urgent and prioritized.

With this in mind Customer Services are supporting their Collections Team to deal with these queries.

For all requests please can you send anything relating to this to the mailbox below:
With the Title – COVID-19 Payment Request – URGENT

You are likely to experience significant wait times on the calls, and hopefully you can understand both the HR challenges and volume of calls Lex are receiving are unprecedented.

Lex FAQ's 

You are a Lex Autolease, BCH, PCH, FL or PCP customer and are concerned that you won't be able to make my payments as a result of Covid-19. 

Lex has updated their systems as of the 1st of April to help clients speed up the process for payment holidays. Please follow the links here and follow through the process to find out if you are eligible for a payment holiday and how it can help you and your current situation. 


What can you do if your MOT is due or has expired and they can’t get it renewed due to current Coronavirus situation?

"Vehicle owners will be granted a 6-month exemption from MOT testing, enabling them to continue to travel to work where this absolutely cannot be done from home, or shop for necessities. Please read more here."

Services are due on vehicles, but Lex are unable to facilitate these services through their suppliers, are we going to be held at fault for driving these vehicles beyond their service date or are Lex going to nullify any potential costs for damages?

"The Government have advised against all non-essential travel and therefore we would not expect to see vehicles driven for significant distances beyond their recommended service date. Some garages remain open to service vehicles of key workers. We have sought the views of a number of manufacturers and the consensus is they will take a pragmatic view to warranty claims if a service schedule was disrupted by Covid-19."

You have a vehicle in informal extension and would like to return it.

"Due to the COVID19 national lockdown, Lex's vehicle collection services are temporarily unavailable until further notice. If you would like to keep the vehicle for an extended period beyond
your end of contract date, we will continue your contract for you and confirm monthly rental details in the post. If your preference is still to return the vehicle, please bear with us and we will be in touch once we are able to arrange the collection. We are reminding customers to ensure that all vehicles remained insured and roadworthy during this period."

Any breakdowns due to vehicles being driven over their service date, are Lex going to supply hire vehicles at your cost?

"In the event of a mechanical breakdown that directly results from a vehicle passing its service date where it has not been possible for Lex to arrange a vehicle service requested by a customer supporting key services, we will provide a hire vehicle. As the Government has advised against non-essential travel we would not expect to see vehicles driven for many miles over their service date, except for key workers."

Am I still liable for Benefit in Kind tax as the vehicle (and keys) are in their possession or as the instruction is that the vehicle isn’t insured to drive that it therefore is ‘unavailable for private use’

Once the customer has confirmed to us they wish to dehire the vehicle, and we have taken over the insurance then the vehicle is no longer available for private use. Our P11D reporting for those corporates will also confirm the dehire date as being the agreed date of termination, since no rentals will be charged from that date. (technically they might be charged but will be credited).

What should we be telling customers who want to retain/transfer their cherished plates? 

"In accordance with current guidance regarding COVID19 (Coronavirus) garages are only permitted to remain open in order to provide “essential repairs or services”. As a consequence, the production of new / replacement vehicle registration plates is likely to temporarily cease, as will their fitting or removal. Therefore, we will not be accepting any Cherished Plate applications whilst these restrictions apply as to do so would potentially put our customers in a position where an application is completed but, for the reasons already mentioned, the vehicle would legally not be able to be used until the new / replacement plate is available and can be fitted. Keeping the current plate on would allow use during the current period."



As your broker, we have only limited decision making on the process, but we are happy to advise and help where possible.

At present, we do not currently foresee any impact on the continuity of our service to you, but should the situation change we will notify you immediately. Our team will also keep this page updated as more information is released to support you through this time.

Stay safe, your Pike + Bambridge team.