Meet the team: Richard Utting

Published 26 January 2022
Meet the team: Richard Utting

When you join us as a client at P+B you will be supported by our expert Client Experience team, headed up by our Commercial Director, Richard Utting.  We're here for you at every stage of your journey and will help you with all your in-contract queries, removing any hassle you may have. 

In our Meet The Team series, we find out more about Richard, who joined P+B in June 2021.

What attracted you to the business?

I believe there is going to be a fundamental shift in the way people use vehicles in the future and want to be in a business that is going to be at the forefront of this. I enjoy challenging the status quo in industries that have a poor reputation for customer service and that can use technology to improve the experience. Also the way you do business is really important to me and the culture and values at P+B really align with how I believe you should build a business.

How would you describe your role to someone joining the team? 

As Commercial Director I'm responsible for ensuring the client experience is consistently excellent and this includes ordering a car, the delivery of it to your door, and our support during the time of your lease. My job is to get the right people and processes in place to make buying a car simpler, faster and more enjoyable. We rely on many partners to support us in delivering a client their new vehicle and therefore the strength of these relationships is also key to our success. We are focused on building a sustainable, profitable business and therefore making decisions that are focused on the long-term benefits to our team, clients and suppliers is at the core of what we do.

How has your role developed within P+B?

I have experienced so much already in the first seven months. As we are a small team I have had exposure to lots of areas of the business and have learnt a lot but still have lots to learn. I am in the process of hiring more people into our team and we are focused on constant iteration and improvement so a lot have changed already in this short time. 

What element of your role do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy the challenge of knowing we can still improve and grow so much and that clients love what we do. It's exciting to know I have the ownership and responsibility to really make my mark on the development of the business. The team are great and as we have focused on building an ambitious and high performing group it helps you perform as best as you can every day. 

What would your advice to any applicants be?

I'd advise people to really think about the type of business and team they want to work in and use the interview process to really make sure the role and business are a good fit for you. The interview process is for you to find the best fit so ask as many questions as you can. We are open and honest about what to expect so we can help you make the right decision for you.