Case Study: End of Vehicle Lease Contract Charges Dispute Success

Published 9 June 2021
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Case Study: End of Vehicle Lease Contract Charges Dispute Success

Here at Pike and Bambridge, our clients rely on our expertise within the leasing marketplace to guide and support them through their confusing and time consuming end of contract issues.  Following on from our blog on how to dispute your end of contract charges, we thought it would be great to share examples of our success stories. 

How have we got such a high end of contract bill? 

Andy Nicol, former Scotland Team rugby captain, P+B Client and Brand Ambassador.

Andy had leased a Fiat 500 for his daughter with Fiat’s branded Lease company Leasys.  The car was returned to Leasys in good faith with only, in our client’s mind, a few minor wear and tear issues.  It was not surprising that Andy got in touch with us to let us know he had received an extortionate end of contract bill of £984.00! 

The first course of action was to put the invoice into dispute and request a full copy of the collections report and all photographic evidence associated with it.  Once this was received and a full review by our expert team was completed it was clear that 6 out of 9 of the damage charges listed were borderline fair wear and tear issues.  This was pushed back to Leasys with a clear explanation as to why the costs needed to be reviewed and our client was subsequently happy to receive final confirmation from Leasys that the bill would be reduced to £278.00, saving him £706.00. 

How can we manage and save on our multiple end of lease charges for our fleet of business vehicles?

Carbon Financial Partners Ltd. 

P+B look after the supply and management of all of Carbon Financial Partners Vehicles and as a company they receive multiple end of vehicle lease invoices.  P+B look to get any damage repaired before vehicles are returned to keep these invoices as low as possible, but inevitably there will be charges that the inspection companies will still pick up on. The P+B Client Services team over the last 12 months have put all end of lease charges into dispute with the various leasing companies involved.  With P+B’s experience of dealing with all the relevant lease companies and their expertise in reviewing damage and charges, Carbon Financial have had just under £1,000 of damage charges removed from invoices across their fleet returns. 

The above stories clearly show that all disputes are worth pursuing.  In the current climate, as leasing companies look to claw back as much end of contract income as possible, it could not be more relevant.  This process takes time and hassle, but the end result and money saved is worth it. 

Please get in contact with our team if you would like to know more about how our Client Services team can support you.