Telematics... a case for the defence

Published15 September 2017
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Telematics... a case for the defence

The aim of telematics is to assist in tracking your fleet as well as aiming to improve fuel efficiency and driver behaviour. Ultimately the aim is a more efficient and safer fleet.

However, selling the use of telematics to your employee’s or indeed your fellow Directors can be difficult. Resistance or negativity tends to stem from the “big brother watching” angle and the collection of too much data to “see the wood from the trees”.

The usage of telematics can be transformational to a business, so despite the concerns highlighted above the benefits in most instances will undoubtedly outweigh the negatives.

Establishing the cost of a quality telematics system including installation is only the starting point and probably the easiest part. The next stage and the harder aspect is looking how you get the return on your investment.

The secret is to concentrate on the main areas where savings can be made for your own business.

This may be a mix of improved mileage claim control, reduced fuel usage through better driving and route setting, less un-necessary or unauthorised travel, less insurance claims and reduced premiums.

The ability to pull a financial case together may not be the easiest as prediction of savings can be difficult to exactly quantify. Take this to the next stage when you look at the improvement in the duty of care by driver monitoring and financial benefit is almost impossible to quantify.

One of the best methods to get a feel for the benefits is to review case studies that telematics suppliers can provide or speak to your own customer or supplier base who use telematics.

It should be pointed out, that if a business can pull together a feasible cost benefit schedule it all becomes irrelevant if the business itself does not move culturally to embrace the information telematics supplies and act on it. A good example would be driver behaviour, the data will be there but the business needs to monitor appropriately, take action where necessary as well as rewarding good behaviours.

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