Nikki Rother

How do P+B support you with your finance needs?

  • Once the finance is confirmed, we need to order your vehicle and we will send you an order form to check and sign. 

  • Firstly we will need to get your finance in place to secure your vehicle. You have filled in a finance proposal form and we'll be in touch if the funder has any further questions. 

  • With the vehicle secured you will need to sign your finance contract to finalise everything and then you just need to wait for your new vehicle to arrive! 

Team Member Image
Nikki Rother Senior Associate

Why Nikki is a great fit:

  • Nikki started her career in Retail Banking so is well experienced in dealing with underwriting and best placed to navigate the credit risk world on your behalf. 

  • Nikki is passionate and determined to ensure clients obtain finance to meet their vehicle dreams and aspirations.


FUN FACT: Nikki is a Volkswagen enthusiast and often spends her free time travelling the UK to attend shows and exhibitions with fellow 'dubbers'.