Private Client Concierge: Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery

Our client is one of Scotland’s leading family lawyers and is accredited as a specialist in Family Law by The Law Society of Scotland.

Having researched Pike+Bambridge’s exclusive Law Society of Scotland partnership through the Member's Benefits scheme, our client was looking to move from her current sporty vehicle to a more rugged vehicle to suit her sporting weekend pursuits.

At Pike+Bambridge, we supply over 200 Land Rovers each year, allowing a level of expertise that helps when assisting clients on exactly which model to select.

In addition, our independent vehicle finance advisory capacity means each vehicle we supply goes through a rigorous analysis of what suits our clients' needs best over the entire course of the ownership of the vehicle.

Clients can consider cost versus flexibility regarding their vehicle finance, and Pike+Bambridge are uniquely able to recommend a wide range of funding options, typically at a more cost effective rate than simply ordering through a dealership.

Our clients receive their car at a time and place of their choosing, in this instance, during a busy day at the office, it suited our client to have the new car delivered at her office, meaning minimum time spent and a complete removal of hassle.

“I am delighted with the service received from Pike+Bambridge – nothing was too much trouble, right down to the last detail, and they managed to obtain a better price than I could direct with the dealer. I will have no hesitation in using them again when I come to replace my car and would thoroughly recommend them.”

Gillian Crandles
Partner & Head of Family Law