Private Client Concierge: Mercedes S500 AMG Coupe

Mercedes S500 AMG Coupe

Many of our clients occupy high profile positions in both business and sport. Discretion is important for many of these clients and Pike+Bambridge are naturally keen to ensure we respect our clients' wishes.

As keen sports fans, and the official vehicle partner for the PFA Scotland, the Pike+Bambridge team were very pleased to supply a Premier League player recently with a Mercedes S500 AMG.

Pike+Bambridge were tasked with sourcing this high value car at short notice, and delivered the car personally at a time and place of his choosing.

"Beth at Pike+Bambridge was amazing at sorting my car out in a very short amount of time and was completely transparent throughout. I had a nightmare with 2 dealerships previously but she was great. Always on hand to help and I trusted she would do her best to deliver."

Wes Foderingham, Rangers FC