What new cars are available for an October arrival?

Published 7 September 2021
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What new cars are available for an October arrival?

With new registrations in the autumn, manufacturers are usually chomping at the bit to get new cars out to eager customers waiting for their shiny new car. This year it really is no different, however as the automotive industry is struggling to meet the demands of their clients globally, manufacturers are having to disappoint and delay the excitement of many new cars.

Pike + Bambridge have never been in a better position to support and advise you further. As an independent vehicle supplier, we pride ourselves on being more than a faceless organisation and are in the best position to act as your link to the industry so you can understand what is really happening and why a BMW 1 Series or a Volvo XC40 isn’t available now, but has a factory order time of up to 3-4 months. (see more on lead times here).

In a challenging climate, our P+B Membership Team have outlined the top cars that WILL be here for a September arrival to support you and your mobility needs. The best advice, whether or not one of these cars stands out to you; is to move quickly.  Cars are selling fast and we don’t want you to miss out.

Today, we are going to expand on 5 of the best car models that are available for arrival within the next 5-6 weeks. We understand each of our clients is going to have a need for something different, today we will outline models from a small car to a large 7-seater.

These cars are all available for delivery right to your door within the next month (no need to wait months for a factory order).

Our Favourite in Stock Cars 

Volkswagen Golf 

There are a limited batch of this family favourite, the Volkswagen Golf, in the Special Edition Active spec. The Active spec offers both privacy glass and heated seats as a nice touch from the German brand.  We have a range of options available right away, or alternatively we can place a factory order.

Pricing begins from £310 per month (inclusive of VAT) on a personal contract hire.  Based on a 3-year agreement, with 6 months initial payment, 8,000 miles per annum*.

Vauxhall Corsa

Another firm UK favourite, the Corsa, even after a refresh is coming back strong. We have both manual and automatic options available for you now, and all deliverable within the next 2-4 weeks.

For the manual model pricing begins from £298 per month (inclusive of VAT).  Based on a 3-year personal contract hire agreement, with 6-months initial payment, 8,000 miles per annum*.

Volvo XC40

The popular Scandinavian brand continues to turn heads with the XC40 model. And luckily, we do have access to a number of the Petrol model over the next month or two. In comparison to Volvo’s PHEV and Electric models, having a longer lead time, we’re pleased the XC40 Petrol T3 model is still accessible. 

With limited stock and options available, we’d recommend you get in touch with our team today, to find the best option for you.

Pricing from on a £350 per month (inclusive of VAT) on a personal contract hire.  Based on a 3-year agreement, with 6 months initial payment, 10,000 miles per annum*.

Tesla Model 3

The best-selling electric car of 2020 is here to stay. The ever so popular model has really strong pricing and will be available to secure this October-November.  We recently created a blog which will help you determine which model is best for you.

Pricing is from £436 per month (exclusive of VAT) on a personal contract hire.  Based on a 3-year agreement, with 6-months initial payment, 10,000 miles per annum*.


Our ultimate goal at Pike + Bambridge is to provide a simple, easy and enjoyable process when it comes to acquiring your new car. At this stage, we are very aware, decisions are needing to made in advance, and we’d highly recommend anybody who is considering a new car now or in the next 6+ months, reaches out and works with our team.  

If one of the options here does not suit, and you have the flexibility of waiting for a factory order; our advice is to speak to one of our Account Managers today, they will be able to discuss the best option available for you.


* All offers available to order with a refundable £240 order fee. All offers are subject to change at any time and are subject to finance approval and vehicle availability. Pike+Bambridge registered address is Duddingston House, 105 Milton Road West, Edinburgh EH15 1RB.