Personal Leasing: Ian Grierson

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Lifestyle changes can have a big impact on the vehicle you drive and what you need from it.  That was one of the reasons why Ian Grierson came to Pike + Bambridge when he needed to acquire a new car.  Many of our clients approach us through a referral from a colleague or friend, often via a social occasion or sporting event, when the conversations can often naturally turn to new purchases and recommendations.  This is how Ian approached P+B – a personal recommendation from a friend and colleague within his industry.

When a second grandchild joined the family, Ian recognised he needed something with more space as he referenced ‘grandkids come with a lot of stuff!’.  Safety was also a key consideration, and this formed an early part of his discussion with P+B.  An initial Fact Find with our Private Client team allowed P+B the opportunity to then narrow down vehicle options to a new Range Rover, and for Ian to add in various elements to the specification.  Initially due to take delivery of the car in March, we were delighted to deliver Ian’s car to him in January.

In discussion with our Logistics Manager Simon, Ian wasn’t aware that we could support with the sale of his current car.  As a Chartered Accountant, Ian was aware of online selling agents, but felt they often didn’t give the initial value when completing the sale, citing further issues with the car on inspection.  Our Senior Associate Nikki supported Ian with this process, advising on the photos and details required to gain an accurate valuation for him, removing all the hassle associated with the sale. 

On the day of delivery, Ian simply gave Simon the keys to his old car, had a handover of all the main functions of the new Range Rover with him, and was in his new vehicle within an hour.

“The whole experience with Pike + Bambridge was very straightforward.  They took away all the hassle, negotiation and grief you often experience when selling an old car and took the time and care to ensure my new car was the right fit for me. 

We regularly drive our grandchildren to and from Edinburgh, and the Range Rover ensures we have enough space while also putting safety at the core.  The whole team at Pike + Bambridge were helpful, professional, and offered a truly seamless and hassle-free experience.”

Ian Grierson